Duffield Hall

Distinctive and characterful development of 9 dwellings within the walled garden of a Grade II* listed Hall


Duffield Hall and Gardens


Duffield, Derbyshire


Wheeldon Brothers


The site was the location of a “walled garden” of a hall that became a girls school in the 1920s. The garden was then demolished to make way for an office building when the hall was converted to offices in the 1970s.

The housing scheme formed part of a wider development to remove the office block and convert the hall back into a residential dwelling. Following consultation with both Amber Valley Borough Council and Historic England, the character of the development developed to be one informed by the significance of the hall. This led to adopting the character of a “walled garden” which had previously been on the site, encouraging a low key and subservient group to avoid being overly dominant or suburban in the context of the Grade II* Listed Duffield Hall.

The central courtyard space encourages use by all residents as it acts as both front gardens for the houses but also a central space for communal interaction. To the rear each house has a comfortable garden, either utilising existing mature trees on or beyond the boundary or water course, to add character and create focal points that can be experienced from beyond just the individual garden.

Individual dwellings have been designed to have their own character to appeal to a variety of future occupants, but a key driver has been the possibility to encourage “downsizing” into smaller but comfortable houses. Open plan living spaces, are softened by the use of internal screens and built in furniture, with daylight maximised and views out and access to the private gardens.