Sydnope Hill

Paragraph 80 house: one storey, 3-bed house in an open field


Home on Sydnope Hill


Two Dales, Derbyshire


Private Client

Construction Value



An innovative new dwelling approved under Paragraph 80 of the National Planning Policy Framework which stipulates the need for outstanding and exceptional design. Through an explorative and iterative analysis and development process, the Design Team, which included Re-Form Landscape developed a solution which is intrinsically linked to the site context, heritage and environment.

The dwelling appears as a series of contemporary barns, constructed using prefabricated panels made from straw harvested on site. The experimental approach of this project enabled Lathams to test various cladding options and led to the use of charred timber to clad the barns. This unusual finish helps protect the dwelling from rot, fire, infestation and fungal growth. It also is low maintenance and consistent in terms of finish and colour.

Client Reaction

"I am delighted that Lathams secured planning permission where others had failed previously. This will be a unique dwelling that takes full advantage of its very attractive setting."