Leah's Yard, Sheffield

Conservation Repairs and Stabilisation Works.


Leah’s Yard: Phase One




Sheffield City Council

Construction Value



Conservation repairs and stabilisation works to ‘Leah’s Yard’, Sheffield to reverse its spiral of decline into dereliction and create opportunities for future creative re-use.

Leah's Yard is Grade II* Listed, in the City Centre Conservation Area and features on Historic England's Heritage at Risk register. A rare surviving example of Sheffield's 'Little Mesters' workshops, the site now finds itself within a key strategic development area - 'Heart of the City II' - and a viable use must be found that is compatible with the City Council's aspirations for the area.

Parts of the buildings are in a perilous state and heavily dependent on temporary propping to prevent their collapse. Lathams have worked with Arup and Sheffield City Council to agree a scheme of fabric repairs to stabilise the structures and prevent the complete loss of Leah's Yard. Condition surveys have informed a number of strategic decisions which aim to reverse the buildings' decay whilst maximising opportunities for their future conversion by enhancing the appearance and improving accessibility and energy efficiency.

The industrial heritage of the buildings will be pivotal to the ultimate success of the site and a great deal of attention has been paid to retaining and preserving the historic fixtures and fittings, including boilers, hearths, hoists and line shafts, all of which contribute to the ongoing story of the Leah's Yard.